Thank you to the 250-plus participants who made the 2013 Conference on Ecopoetics such a terrific experience for all. Our sincere thanks for your many contributions, your sustained engagement, and your brilliance all weekend long. We encourage you to keep us updated on any archive projects, collaborations, or other forms of critical or creative reflection that come out of the conference. We will link others to your work from this page.

Participant Archives, Collaborations, Reflections

Angela Hume and Laura Mullen co-edit a special issue of The Volta on the topic of "trash." View the issue here.

Conference organizers Angela Hume, Gillian Osborne, and Margaret Ronda author a series of essays as part of a Jacket2 Commentary: "Field Notes from the 2013 Conference on Ecopoetics."

Post45 publishes the article-length version of Margaret Ronda's "Mourning and Melancholia in the Anthropocene."

OmniVerse features films by Joshua Marie Wilkinson, screened at the conference.

Jed Rasula's paper "Heeding the Heedless Sublime."

OmniVerse publishes Evelyn Reilly's paper "Environmental Dreamscapes and Ecopoetic Grief."

Pepper Luboff provides critical reflection at her blog, Pigeon Review.

Catherine Owen's "rhizomatic blogs" on the conference at Barzakh.

OmniVerse publishes Tyrone Williams' paper "Outsider Ecopoetics."

Stephen Novotny's audio recordings of selected presentations from the

"Ecopoetics Through Travel"; "(Im)Permeable Matter: Rocks, Stones, Minerals"; "Ecopoetics of the City"; and "Thingness of Things" panels.

Allison Cobb discusses her 500 Year Ecopoetics Conference Codex at her blog.

Joshua Corey reviews the conference at The Arcadia Project website.

Margit Galanter chronicles conference highlights at her blog.

Nicky Tiso writes about the conference at his blog Grand Hotel Abyss.

The Volta blog offers reflections on the conference.

Jared Stanley and Megan Berner chronicle The Aeolian Marsh at their new Tumblr.

Michael Cross’ DISINHIBITOR features full-text conference talks, including Jonathan Skinner's, Brian Teare's, Rob Halpern's, C.J. Martin's, and Laura Moriarty's.

Jolie Kaytes, Laura Mullen, Linda Russo, and Hazel White’s Groundwork blog documents their conference “collaborative lab” and more.

Kaia Sand reads "Tiny Arctic Ice" on "e-waste" as part of the panel "The Thingness of Things."

Jen Coleman’s photography of the conference is on view here and here.

Rachel Feder and Rebecca Porte reflect at oona: on contemporary poetry and poetics.

A Glimpse of the Conference

Above: Advisory Board Roundtable with (left to right) Forrest Gander, Brenda Hillman, Lynn Keller, Michael Ziser, and Robert Hass. Photo credit: Jen Coleman.

Right: Robert Hass offers remarks during the Advisory Board Roundtable.
Photo credit: Jen Coleman.

Right: Maude Fife, bursting at its seams with brilliant poets, scholars, artists, and activists all weekend long. Photo credit: Jen Coleman.

Left: Field Laboratory for Esoteric Ecologies
with Kathleen Brown, Adam Dickinson, a.rawlings, Erin Robinsong, and Jonathan Skinner. Photo credit: Catherine Owen.

Right: Emergency, Ethics, Ecopoetics: 21st Century Ecopoetry’s Efficacies with (left to right) Angela Hume, Brenda Hillman, Lynn Keller, and Myung Mi Kim. Photo credit: RJ Ingram.

Right: Ecopoetics, Object Relations, and Object-Oriented Ontology with Nathan Brown, Anthony Camara, Duskin Drum, Julia Fiedorczuk, Devin King, Sarah Lewison, Eileen Myles, and Tze-Yin Teo. Photo credit: Jen Coleman.

Left: Groundworks: A Collaborative Lab with Jolie Kaytes, Laura Mullen, Linda Russo, and Hazel White in the UC Berkeley Eucalyptus Grove. Photo credit: Jen Coleman.

Right: The Aeolian Marsh: An Embodied Poem with Jared Stanley and Megan Berner at Arrowhead Marsh in Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Park in Oakland.